Management Team

TheThe company is headed by Shri Mavjibhai Desai and is strongly supported by his brother, Mr. Kamlesh Desai & other directors, Mr. Himanshu Gehlot. All the members are taking care of separate activities of the company and their brief profile is as under :


Shri Mavjibhai Desai (Chairmen & M.D.)

He is Diploma in Civil Engineer from North Gujarat University, he is the key guiding force and top decision making authority in respect of entire company activities


Mr. Himanshu Gehlot (Director)

He looks after Legal affairs and PRO work.


Mr. J.C. Prajapati (Director)

He looks after Legal Affairs & Land Issues


Mr. Jagdish Desai (Non Executive director )


Mr. Kamlesh Desai (Manager)

He looks after onsite technical development / progress activities.


Mr. Jitendra Desai (H.O.D - Project)

He looks after our various running projects construction related works.
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